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About the McCam Centre
The McCam Centre was opened in 1986 to respond to the need for educational programming for children with a range of special needs. The composition of the student population is targeted for mainstreaming or integrating children so that they have the benefit of each other's skills. As the children work and play together they become aware of and sensitive to each other's needs.

When established McCam provided a nursery and preschool programme to serve the needs of all children including those with special needs between the ages of six months to six years, in an integrated environment. Its services have grown over the years to include educational assessment, therapeutic intervention, parent group counselling and professional training. In September 1987, the Unit for the Total Development of Special Needs Children (UTDSC) was opened under the umbrella of the McCam Centre as a non- profit organization with a focus on those children with special needs in the programme. The UTDSC is governed by a Board of Directors whose policies are directed towards offering this programme to a wide cross section of children.

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Mission Statement

The McCam Centre is guided by its commitment to excellence.

Red Bullet To provide an integrated environment based on development levels for the entire range of children whether they be developmentally
    gifted or delayed.

Red Bullet To provide a community which promotes the recognition and acceptance of the similarities and the differences among us.

Red Bullet To changing attitudes and social structures which serve as barriers to children that are viewed as different in the wider community.

Red Bullet To the growth and development of its staff who sees the centre's philosophy as part of themselves.

Red Bullet To gaining of ourselves the little extra needed to help each child reach their maximum potential.



Red Bullet To provide individualistic educational programmes in small groups within an integrated setting.

Red Bullet To provide therapeutic intervention directly and indirectly.

Red Bullet To develop a curriculum of systematic instruction based on normal development patterns for children in Jamaica

Red Bullet To increase the knowledge of teachers and caregivers of children with special needs annually through workshops and seminars.

Red Bullet To encourage the implementation of mainstreaming strategies into the regular school system so that integration can continue
    for these children beyond six years.

Red Bullet To promote consultation for those schools which have implemented some degree of integration.

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What is Offered

Red Bullet Day-Care

Red Bullet Pre-School

Red Bullet Kindergarten

Red Bullet Special Education Intervention

Red Bullet After Schools Care

The nursery provides service for children one to two years in a safe and happy environment in which they play and learn together. At this stage the focus is on early stimulation and initiating self help skills, motor and language development. Toddlers participate in circle time, nature walks, finger painting, manipulative play, and potty training.

Children aged 2-4 years are enrolled. A variety of creative methods are utilized to keep each child on track according to his/her abilities. Our preschool curriculum embraces a variety of learning experiences, ranging from free play to structured small group sessions and individualist teaching. Performance areas are targeted using a developmental approach: Motor, cognitive, language enrichment and social skills. Introduction to computers, music, and movement, gymnastics from age 3 years

This class is for children 4-6 years of age who are not yet ready for a mainstream kindergarten programme. This diagnostic classroom accommodates up to 8 children with specific learning difficulties for 1-2 years. The small class size allows for individual educational programmes and appropriate teaching strategies to meet each child's needs. This environment is designed to maximize the development of early academic skills and build the children's self confidence. Recommendations for appropriate school placements are made after their placement at McCam.

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Additional Services Include:

Occupational Therapy Assessments, Psycho-Educational Assessments and Speech & Language Assessments

Therapeutic Intervention
To stimulate speech and language development; To improve motor skills/sensory integration; To modify behaviour(s)

Community Outreach
Through workshops and seminars

Resource Centre Offering
Workshops/seminars, library, reference material assistance, referrals


Our Staff Includes:
Red Bullet Early Childhood Teachers
Red Bullet Occupational Therapists
Red Bullet Special Education
Red Bullet Practical Nurses
Red Bullet School Psychologist
Red Bullet Behavioural Therapist
Red Bullet Itinerant Speech Therapist

Special Features:
Red Bullet Developmental approach to education
Red Bullet Small Groups
Red Bullet Individualistic education programmes
Red Bullet Computer assisted learning
Red Bullet Field Trips
Red Bullet Music
Red Bullet Gardening

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The McCam Curriculum
The McCam Curriculum was produced in response to the need for an early childhood curriculum. It was developed over a three year period using the daily experiences of teachers and the knowledge of two Occupational Therapists-Johanne Cleroux (Canadian), and Pauline Watson Campbell (Jamaican), Director of the Programme. Each child at the centre has a checklist of skills around which their pre-school programme is planned. From this it is possible to monitor development and identify specific areas of strengths and weaknesses. The McCam Curriculum is used widely in early childhood settings, both locally and within the Caribbean. The McCam curriculum and manual are available for purchase at the McCam Centre.


The Resource Centre
The Resource Centre is a natural extension of the services offered at the McCam Centre. As a multipurpose facility the Resource Centre provides distinct services:

1) A reference library with multimedia facilities which can be accessed by anyone seeking information on developmental disabilities or early childhood issues in children. A hotline for parents, teachers or just concerned persons will also be in operation.

2) A venue for training workshops and seminars, target groups- parents and teachers.

3) Be advocate for Early Childhood Education and Children with Disabilities in Jamaica.

4) Work alongside other agencies such as Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities, Jamaica Association for the Deaf, UNICEF, UNFPA, Jamaica Association on Intellectual Disability (formerly JAMR), other Government Agencies & NGOs, on various projects that serve to increase capacity building, awareness and resources.

The Objectives of the Resource Centre:

To provide information to special interest groups consisting of teachers, students, and parents on a range of topics related to disabilities in children, through computer links and other reference material.

To operate a "help-line" for parents and teachers other interested persons, offering necessary information on where to refer a child or give direction in the care of children with learning and developmental problems.

To offer educational programmes to the wider community through organized workshops and seminars (talk to Parents Teacher Associations (PTA's) and other organizational bodies).

This website in which information on developmental issues and disabilities in children can be shared and offered on a global basis

To publish a newsletter, once per term, on developmental issues in learning.


Visit the McCam Child Development Centre at:

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