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Many parents of children with disabilities find it difficult to locate the various resources available for children with disabilities in their community. The following is a list of local (Jamaican) resources available. To ensure that we are able to provide the most accurate and recent resources, this information will be monitored and updated when more information becomes available. Please click on the type of local resource information you would like to view from the list below:

Bullet Organizations and Associations
Bullet Resource Centres
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Bullet Government Agencies and Services
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Organizations and Associations

(RSCD) Rural Services for Children with Disabilities

RSCD is a non profit agency to promote and serve the welfare of children with disabilities in rural

Services Provided
- Home Base Rehabilitation Programmes
- Centre Based Programs;
- Screening and Assessment;
- Support for Teachers in the classroom;
- Training for parents, staff, healthcare workers. Institution care givers;
- Parent Support/Advocacy Groups;
- Economic Support Assistive/Adaptive Aids;
- Community Involvement/Public Education;
- Inter-Agency Collaboration

CGD (Clarendon Group for the Disabled)

2A Palm Ave PO , Clarendon

The CGD is a private voluntary organization. The CGD provides Community Based Rehabilitation
(CBR) to persons with a wide range of disabilities, with special attention to children 0-6 years.
The service is available for a low registration fee, to all children with disabilities in Clarendon.

The CGD's AIM is to promote independence and involvement in family and community life through education.

Services Provided
- Early Stimulation Programme;
- Early Identification of abilities and disabilities;
- Individual Home Plan to Increase and Child's Abilities;
- Group and Individual parent Counseling;
- Psychoeducational assessments for school aged children;
- Referrals to other agencies as required;
- Home visits.

Phone Number (876) 986-4202
Email Address:

Early Stimulation Project (A Program of the Jamaica Council for the Disabled)

95 Hanover Street, Kingston

Is a home based delivery system which involves parent intervention in the education of pre-school children with disabilities.
Once referred a child is assessed, diagnosed and laced on what is called an intervention programme, administered by a child development aid (CDA).  The intervention program is designed to provide each child with an individualized curriculum specifically suited to the child's learning style and needs.

Services Provided
The Child Development Aides provided by the project visits the home weekly and demonstrates to the parent how to teach the child different skills. Monitoring of the child's progress is afforded though 3 monthly evaluations which take place in the office.

Phone Number (876) 922-5585

JACLD (Jamaica Association for Children with Learning Disabilities)

7 Leinster Road, Kingston 5

The J.A.C.L.D is a non profit, private voluntary organization dedicated to serving the needs of
children with learning disabilities in Jamaica.

The main mission of the Association is to Maximize the potential of all children with learning
disabilities in Jamaica through Assessment, Education, Counseling and Public Education.

Services Provided
- Psychological and Educational Assessments;
- Full Time special class placement;
- after school tutorials,
- extra school tutorials such as Saturday classes;
- Counseling;
- Special sitting of the Grade 6 Achievement test (GSAT) in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and culture;
- Educational workshops and seminars; and
- teacher/professional workshops and seminars.

Phone Number (876) 929-4341
Fax Number (876) 929-4348

Jamaica Association for the Deaf

9 Marescaux Road, Kingston 5

The Goals of the Association are : to improve the educational, industrial, and social conditions of
persons with hearing impairment in Jamaica, to integrate persons with hearing impairments into the mainstream of society as useful and productive citizens, to reduce the handicapping effect of hearing loss.

Services Provided
- Early Stimulation,
- Vocational and academic education offered in urban and rural areas.
- Hearing Assessment,
- Integration Support;
- Educational Assessment and Placement,
- Counseling and Family Guidance;
- Hearing Enhancement and Protection

Phone Number (876) 926-7709
Alternate Phone (876) 927-1098
Email Address

Jamaica Coalition on the Rights of the Child

C.B. Facey Building, Papine, Kingston 6

The Jamaica Coalition on the Rights of the Child is a membership organization devoted to foraging covenants for advancing
and protecting the Rights of the Child. The JCRC represents 18 child-focused agencies that are committed to the challenge of bringing
relief to children facing risk.

Phone Number (876) 970-1176

Fax Number (876) 927-1098
Email Address

Jamaica Society for the Blind

111 1/2 Old Hope Rd, Kingston 6

Phone Number (876) 927-3760

JAPMR (Jamaica Association for Persons with Mental Retardation)

7 Golding Ave PO, Kingston 7

Mission: The JAPMR works through education, advocacy and research to improve the quality of life for children and adults with mental retardation, and their families and work to prevent the causes and the effects of mental retardation.

Services Provided
- Special Education;
- Educational Assessment and Placement;
- Guidance and Counseling;
- In-service Training for staff;
- Social and recreational programs;
- Parent support and Education;
- Adult Services;
- Job placement and employment;
- Public Education

Phone Number (876) 927-2054
Alternate Phone (876) 977-1118
Fax Number (876) 977-0134
Email Address

LEAP Centre

115 Duke St, Kingston

Phone Number (876) 922-8099

3D Projects

14 Monk Street, Spanish Town

Dedicated to the Development of Person with Disability. It is a community based rehabilitation
(CBR) programme in Jamaica,
working with a network of rural parent and community groups toward full participation and
equality for people with disabilities.
3D projects represents the three major areas of disability: sensory, learning and motor and three
crucial areas of rehabilitation:
social, educational and economic.
Services Provided
Home visiting Programme;
Stroke Rehabilitation Programme;
Adolescent/ Adult Programme;
Inclusive Education;
Pre- School Unit;
Adaptive Aids;
Parent Activities;

Phone Number (809) 984-2840
Fax Number (809) 984-7808
Email Address

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Resource Centres

Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf

Knock Patrick

Phone Number (876) 904-9092

Promise Learning Centre
1 North Ave Kingston 5

The Promise Learning Centre is a special Education institution which caters to the specific needs
of children with learning disabilities and Autism. There is a max class size of 7 and registration is ongoing.

Services Provided
Language Development;
Social Skills Development;
Behavior Modification;
Self Help Skills;
Skills training in computer,
woodworking, Fashion and design and Music;
After School Remedial Math and reading training.

Phone Number (876) 906-8283
Alternate Phone (876) 754-6369

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Government Special Education Units

Hazard Primary Special Education Unit

May Pen PO

Phone Number (876) 902-0115

Catherine Hall Primary Special Education Unit
Street Address Westgreen
City / Town Montego Bay

Phone Number (876) 952-5488

Lyssons Primary Special Education Unit
Street Address Lysson PO

Duncan's All Age Special Education Unit
Street Address PO Box 23

Phone Number (876) 954-2064

Hope Valley Experimental Special Education Unit- Physical
Street Address Golding Ave Box , Kingston 7

Mico Practicing All Age Special Education Unit
Street Address 1A Marescaux Rd, Kingston 5

Phone Number (876) 982-7831

Ocho Rios Primary Special Education Unit
Street Address Milford, Ocho Rios

Phone Number (876) 974-2432

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School of Hope Network

Balcombe Drive Primary
Street Address Balcombe Drive, Kingston 5
Phone Number (876) 757-2202

Best Care Lodge
Street Address 11 Trevennion Rd, Kinston 7
Phone Number (876) 929-6869

Elleston Primary
Street Address 1 Bryden Street, Kingston 16
Phone Number (876) 928-3880

Franklin Town Primary
Street Address 4 Victoria Street, Kingston 16
Phone Number (876) 928-2538

Harbour View Primary
Street Address 31a Martello Drive, Kingston 17

Phone Number (876) 928-6482

Liguanea Prep
Street Address 15A East Kings, Kingston 6

Phone Number (876) 927-6066
Alternate Phone (876) 978-6223

Maxfield Park
Street Address 189 Maxfield Ave, Kingston 13

Phone Number (876) 906-5949

Our Lady of Angels
Street Address 78 Molynes Rd, Kingston 10

Phone Number (876) 757-9006
Alternate Phone (876) 923-6964

Shortwood Teachers College
Street Address 77 Shortwood Rd, Kingston 8

Phone Number (876) 925-6619
Alternate Phone (876) 941-1281

St Judes Primary
Street Address 1 Norwich Ave, Kingston 11

Phone Number (876) 758-9317
Alternate Phone (876) 923-9567

St Peter Claver Primary
Street Address 33b Waltham Park, Kingston 13

Phone Number (876) 923-4797

Stony Hill All Age School
Street Address Stony Hill, Kingston 9

Phone Number (876) 942-3230

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Resource Rooms

Villa Road All Age
Street Address 41 Stenneth St
City / Town Mandeville
Phone Number (876) 962-2601
Contact Name Sandra Lewis

Chapeleton All Age
City / Town Chapleton
Phone Number (876) 987-2099
Contact Name Marvelee

Hillgate All Age
City / Town Highgate
Phone Number (876) 992-2305

Oracabessa Comprehensive High
City / Town Oracabessa
Phone Number (876) 975-3207
Contact Name Tanya Chin

Retreat Primary and Junior High
City / Town Retreat

Little London Secondary
Street Address PO Box 70
City / Town Little London
Phone Number (876) 955-7091
Contact Name Joyce Green

Cacoon All Age
Street Address Dias PO
Phone Number (876) 956-8140

Esher Primary
City / Town Lucea
Phone Number (876) 956-2788

New Forest Primary and Junior High
City / Town New Forest

Porus Primary
City / Town Manchester
Phone Number (876) 904-1214
Contact Name Jean Anderson

Alpha Primary
Street Address 26 South Camp Rd
City / Town Kingston
Phone Number (876) 928-4407
Contact Name Phyllis Anderson

Duhaney Park Primary
Street Address 1 Bronte Way
City / Town Kingston 20
Contact Name Miss Walker

Jessie Ripoll Primary
Street Address 26 South Camp Rd
City / Town Kingston
Phone Number (876) 928-1024

New Day All Age
Street Address 1E Dulwich Drive
City / Town Kingston
Postal Code Kingston 8
Contact Name Carlene Brown

Rollington Town Primary
Street Address 16 A-B St. James RD
City / Town Kingston 2

Rousseau Primary
Street Address 1 Ricketts Ave
City / Town Kingston 13
Phone Number (876) 926-7188
Contact Name Janice Jones

St Anne's Primary
Street Address 71 A Bond St
City / Town Kingston
Contact Name Autholine Clarke

St. Richard's Primary
Street Address 126 Red Hills Rd
City / Town Kingston 19
Phone Number (876) 925-9595
Contact Name Sandra Wong-Grant

Windward Road All Age
Street Address 141 Windward Rd
City / Town Kingston 2
Phone Number (876) 928-2592
Contact Name Sharon Duncan

Moneague Junior High
City / Town Moneague
Phone Number (876) 973-0524
Contact Name Pauline Johnson

Bridgeport Comprehensive High
Street Address 2 Gibson Rd
City / Town Bridgeport
Phone Number (876) 988-4489
Contact Name Francis Burke

Ewarton Primary
Street Address Church Street
City / Town Ewarton
Phone Number (876) 985-0046
Contact Name Joyce Jobson

Horizon Park All Age
City / Town Spanish Town
Phone Number (876) 984-5726
Contact Name Sylvia Walker

McAuley Primary
Street Address Winsdor Rd
City / Town Spanish Town
Phone Number (876) 984-5527
Contact Name Gercia Bogle

Naggo Head Primary
Street Address Box 51
City / Town Bridgeport
Phone Number (876) 988-3150
Contact Name Dorothy Parsons

St John's Primary
Street Address 45 St Johns Rd
City / Town Spanish Town
Phone Number (876) 981-8003
Contact Name Maxine Dean

Waterford Primary
Street Address Caymanas Drive
City / Town Waterford
Phone Number (876) 988-3127
Contact Name Thelma Thompson

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Buttercup Learning Complex for Slow Learners
Street Address Newby Ave
City / Town Kingston

Phone Number (876) 901-0102

Carberry Court Special School (for the multiple-disabled)
Street Address PO Box 142 Hope
City / Town Kingston 7

Description primary and secondary level

Phone Number (876) 977-3176

Danny Williams School for the Deaf
Street Address 9 Marescaux Rd
City / Town Kingston 5

Description Infant and Primary level

Phone Number (876) 927-1293

Lister Mair Gilby School for the Deaf
Street Address Hope Gardens
City / Town Kingston 6

Phone Number (876) 927-1261

Salvation Army School for the Blind
Street Address 57 Mannings Hill Rd
City / Town Kingston 8

Description: infant, primary and secondary level

Phone Number (876) 931-9264
Alternate Phone (876) 925-1362

School of Hope for Children with Mental Retardation
Street Address 7 Golding Ave
City / Town Kingston 7

Description infant, primary and secondary level

Phone Number (876) 977-0134

The Leaning Centre
Street Address 7 Leinster Rd
City / Town Kingston 5

The Priory School
Street Address 21 Hope Rd
City / Town Kingston 10

Phone Number (876) 926-4762

St. Christopher's School for the Deaf
City / Town Brown's Town
Description Infant, Primary and Secondary level

Phone Number (876) 975-2226

Maranatha School for the Deaf
City / Town Top Hill

Phone Number (876) 965-1738

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Assessment Centres

CGC (Child Guidance Clinic)
Street Address Bustamine Hospital
City / Town Kingston

CGC is a specialty clinic which evaluated children/adolescence and their families who have
behavioral and emotional problems. The Bustamante clinic is a referral clinic.

Services Provided
Evaluated the child through gathering of information from the family and teachers of the child.
And then a diagnosis is made.

Phone Number (876) 920-0995
Alternate Phone (876) 968-0300

Micro C.A.R.E Centre
Street Address 5 Manhattan Road,
City / Town Kingston 5

The Micro C.A.R.E. Centre was established in 1981 to meet the needs of children requiring Special Education in Jamaica
and the English speaking Caribbean.

Services Provided
Psychological Evaluation;
Educational Evaluation;
Speech and Language/Auditory Evaluation;
Occupational Therapy Evaluation;
Physical Therapy evaluation;
Social Work;
Medical Screening; Counseling;
Tutorials; Treatment;
Public Education

Additional Notes
Groups Targeted by the Centre for Assessment:
Mental Deficiency;
Learning Disability;
Sensory Disability;
Physical Disability;
Behavior Disorders;
Speech Disorders;
Emotional Disturbance.

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Government Agencies and Services

Children Services Division, Ministry of Health

Street Address Hotal Complex, 2-4
City / Town Kingston

Services Provided
Intake and Investigation;
Juvenile/Family Court;
Foster Care;
Institution Care;
Reintegration (Home on Trail);

Phone Number (878) 967-1107
Alternate Phone (876) 967-1100

Residential Facilities

St John Bosco Boys Home
City / Town Hatfield

Phone Number (876) 963-0611

Alpha Boys Home
Street Address 26 South Camp Rd
City / Town Kingston

Phone Number (876) 928-1345

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